Monday, 13 February 2012

Where is my Dragon?

In silver rain with a paper key

So I haven't been all that active of late and have been roaming infrequently.  I decide it's time to stop being lazy and get out there so I find myself in Hevrice; at the sun. A location I often end my roam at, often when they have been quiet.  The locals are often very sporting gentleman and often up for a dogfight or two.  Unfortunately there are no takers from the Tuskers in their home turf today so after a few minutes I head off on the last route that was set.

It doesn't take long to get my first engagement.  Usually when I get a fight in the first 10 minutes of logging in it means I should be in for a few good engagements in that session.

The ledger never lies

2 jumps on my route and I find a Jaguar lurking in Costolle which is perfect as I am in an AF too, although with justice on my side I am sure I will crush this miscreant.  Despite me seemingly running away as he landed in my belt, I returned immediately.  First blood.  His pod ransomed for 40m which was a nice start, and puts me on an even keel with ransoms paid to the Tuskers in the past!  Eliminating the flow of ISK to criminal activities always pleases me.

Killing outlaws has the advantage of not incurring a GCC.

Monsoon of Blood

It's not long before I scan down my next target disguising his criminality by posing as a member of the Gallente Federal Defence Union.  He is playing it safe at the station and suspiciously releases a jetcan, encouraging me to criminalise myself so he can attack freely but I am wise to his dirty station hugging tricks and with local at 8 and with several other FDU recruits I insist he meets me near the sun.  This turns out to be a wise plan.  He follows and the minute he lands and I get tackle and guns on his Enyo backup appears on scan.  Tornado and Drake incoming!

It takes a little time to work through his armour and a Tornado lands on grid as he is entering structure.  A Drake lands on grid seconds later within point range but I escape with no damage, his Void loaded Ions unable to reach me.  My drone remained, too damaged to respond to return commands.  A fair trade-off for my survival.  There was also a Rifter, Ishkur and Enyo on scan but I cannot confirm if they were involved in this foiled entrampent.

Moments later I establish the Daredevil loitering in a belt, with the same Drake from earlier on near scan.  I am convinced these people are preparing yet another bait manoeuvre but I investigate anyway.  Luckily this Daredevil is unprepared for the mighty force of my 125mm Railguns.  Despite his energy sapping efforts I take him down and make off with some choice booty from his wreckage.  It sickens me that criminals have the ISK flow to purchase such luxurious vessels and items.

Puttin' on the Ritz

With three criminals eliminated in about 25 minutes of Patrol I am quite satisfied and take a moment to drop off my spoils, make repairs and prepare a well earned cup of tea.

During this break I engage comms with local pilot Dax Jr regarding the ability of my ship versus a Hawk.  I'm unsure it can take one but figure it would be a close enough match.  This turns out to be relevant to events that will take place later on.

Later than you think

Feeling entirely too secure in the high-security system of Jufvitte, I return to my duties.  Again, there is heavy activity tonight and I immediately locate an uncommon craft acting suspiciously in the Planet IV vicinity.  Despite his attempts to throw me off his trail I tracked him down to a belt eventually where he immediately tried to sap my capacitor free of energy reserves.  This would not stand!  Forced between a choice of losing capacitor, or placing myself perfectly in his Scorch optimal range, I chose the latter knowing it was also my best chance to nullify his EWAR attempts.  It may not be smart to kite in his optimal range but he went down anyway; but not entirely without damage.  

Pickings from the wreckage revealed a couple of nice items netting 20m ISK.  With the 40m ransom, and some 80m in loot secured so far this is not a bad night overall for combat profits.

At this point I feel It is time to move on to another region.

Life goes off

Like Captain Ahab, I was convinced there was something else out there for me and after several system jumps without incident I find a Cormorant active in Intaki.  I give chase through to Vey and challenge the pilot as I am interested in testing my ships ability versus the recently re-classed Destroyers.  Unfortunately he had changed out to a Hawk, but accepted the offer of a fight regardless.

FOR HONOURE!  Despite getting it into low armour it won out in the end..  It felt like a long fight and was lots of fun.  It confirmed my suspicions from earlier in the night that it would be fairly close.  It was a fitting end for an impressive ship.  Some 13 notches on the side of this one, and several close scrapes.

Luckily my main hanger was located nearby so I set off to reship.

ORVOLLE : BEYT : PLACID : 0515 hrs
All downhill from here

I reship to a Comet but ultimately this is the end of the nights activities.  I continue to roam for another hour, poking my nose into some DED classified complexes but this happens without incident.

It's been quite a productive session and I am satisfied.

There will be more blood another day.


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